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Cusco, Peru
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North Valley – Full Day

This North Valley we initiate with the gathering of the tourists of its hotels to visit the following attractive Archaeological places:

Maras.- Located in the province of Urubamba to 3300 masl from there you can appreciate the Cordillera Vilcanota and the snow: “The Chikon” (5530 masl), “Putukisi” “Veronica” (5682 masl). Today this picturesque village keeps attractive pre-Hispanic, colonial and republican, highlighting people in the streets and colonial doorways with coats of nobles and chiefs of the XVII and XVIII.

Moray.- Is about 7 km southwest of Maras and 53 km from Cusco altitude of 3,385 meters, is an archaeological site unique in the region. This are natural gigantic holes that were used by the Incas who built farming terraces with their irrigation canals, is it a prototype greenhouse, the hole has depth greater than 150 meters and average height is 1.80 meters between each platform .The structures found here are Incas, is also estimated that fund is on a natural rock formation that facilitates internal leakage to earth, so there are no floods in the rainy season. What is striking is the average annual temperature difference between the top and bottom, is a difference that reaches up to 15 ° C. Here is where you get incredible advances in agriculture.

Salineras.- Or “salt mines” located northwest of the town of Maras are constituted by about 3000 small wells, which were already exploited since Inca times as a means of economic exchange and is still being exploited by local people. The mountain has inside salt mines, saltwater emanating from this mountain and serve during the dry season to fill the wells as “irrigation” every 3 days with salt water for a month, after that time the people pick up the salt and take this in sacs to the town, where they process the salt with iodin for the human consumption. After our visit we return to the city of Cusco.

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